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Remington 710...

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I recently got my FOID card a couple months ago and got a Marlin 30-30 lever action. I was wondering how are the Remington 710 rifles? I go to Air Force BMT (Basic Military Training) on Spetember 7th of this year and I was looking for a gun that would be somewhat similiar to the M16A2 so I can pratice and get a expert score on the Air Force marksman test for rifle and pistol. I was thinking of the 7mm version but from what I understand the recoil of a M16A2 was designed so it would be light. So, would this be a good gun to start praticing on, or if you have any other suggestions please tell me. Thanks.
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Why not just get an AR-15? I think practicing with something as close as possible to what you want to qualify on would be the best course of action.
You got a point. How much do they go for?
Well, I have seen some really decent Bushmasters for $750 or so. You may be able to find used ones cheaper if you keep your eyes open.
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