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remove stocks, 1911 ccw's better'n ppk

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with its stocks left on. Alloy compact 1911, of course. It will conceal PERFECTLY under a t shirt, except on you beer belly boyos,but nothing can help you guys.
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Better read your books again. What you said may be true for a PP or PPK/S, but not the PPK. The PPK's grip panels are barely wider than its slide.
Simply an astounding opening argument on this thread.

Not that it is hard to find holes with such "sound" logic, but what about those of us that conceal full sized, SS 1911s, w/ mag well and 8 rd Wilsons? Should I down size????
I have no problem concealing a 1911A1 and two spare magazines.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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