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Personally, I think that you should just completely blow away a post that is inflamatory, off topic, or advocates ilegal activity.

Not doing so only encourages more of such posting to be made.

Even if it means that my posts get axed, that's fine, as long as it is done equally to everyone.

Just my opinion, but editing and moving posts only creates work for the moderator(s) and does nothing to discourage the behavior invovled.

Just my two cents.


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Actually time is kind of short right now, so I just skim messages looking for obvious problems. Some threads by you know who do have some information, that while controversial, I am not inclined to delete just because I may not agree with it. I would rather delete the inflammatory and derogatory words or statements, and leave the rest of it to stand on its own merits (or lack thereof).

I don't think it is particularly fair of me to delete and entire message or thread, simply because someone may use "dumbass" or "retard" somewhere within that text.

In honestly, editing text is no more burdensome than deleting it anyway, so it is not that much trouble.

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