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andy said:
My $5000 to YOUR $500 says that you can't hit 5 out of 5 tries, 12" X 24" mark, 400m, using a battle auto, from sitting, using backpack as a rifle rest. 1 shot on each occasion, each location. March 15, 5pm, OKC. Jan 1st, 9 am, Bangor, Maine. 4pm, August 15, Death Valley, Rainy season, Seattle,WA, 5Pm. Jan 15, 9 am, Butte, Montana.

Prone often wont let you get a clear shot, so the sitting position is the only truly practical one. only an idiot risks having nothing but a bolt action. I LET you have match ammo (that you probably WONT have) LET you use a fragile scope sight, LET you know the range, use a STATIONARY target, LET you use earprotection, noone will be firing at you,before or after the shot. No need to escape. I LET you be fully rested, fed, hydrated, no dysentery or depression (as is nearly always the case in long term combat or survival conditions) 440 yds, not the bs half mile many CLAIM effectivenesst-to. 5 places in the US, all COMMONLY encountered, with commonly encountered conditions of wind, snow, fog, mirage, heat, cold. NOBODY's ever taken me up on this bet, cause they KNOW that they CAN'T win. :) Much of US, MUCH of the time, offers EXACTLY the same problems with getting long range hits. The above condiitons are thus VERY realistic, and you wont DIE for having missed, as is quite likely if you try the same thing post shtf. :)
First of all, it isn't realistic for a number of reasons. It's childish.

First, the conditions are not common, as you had to pick a number of geographically dissemilar locations. Common would mean you would find them anywhere, without having to do all the travelling. Also common would mean the majority of the time, not the minority.

Much of the US doesn't offer exactly the same conditions, or again you would not have to pick such diverse locations.

Now, if the idea is to be able to escape, then I beleive you're the one who has repeatedly claimed that a near miss at a distance will keep people's heads down so we can escape? Hmm?

How about we go 5 for 5 in my AO? Of course you won't show up. And you don't have the money. We've even offered to pay your way so you can see it being done, but you run away each time.

Also, out of 365 days in a year, how much of the time will those conditions exist in a given AO? The majority, or the minority?

Long range shooting scares you, you can't do it, so you invent an extreme set of conditions that you think prove your point.

The truth is, there are more than enough people out there, who, if they can see the target, they can hit the target.

Nice try, but it is a childish bet that proves nothing (except maybe in your warped little head).

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