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Reputation points?

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Just for fun I added to a few peoples reps.(andy's hopeless):)
Anyways,I bumped Raider from 27 w/1 grn dot to 28 w/2.o.k.that's something new.
I did the same with Magnum88c-from 24w/1 grn to 25 w/2 grn.

My point?The system is inconsistent!It seems rigged to give the lady more little green dots faster!Well,that's not right!I want equality!Even access to little green dots for eveyone!

[yes,I'm a wee bit bored today] :smash:
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Hey Jeff,

How did you get to the rep points of other people? The whole thing doesn't make any sense to me.

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Well,in the bottom left corner of your screen is a bright green dot (when you're online)
next to it is a scale.Click on the scale & you can approve(add to) or dis-approve(retract from) that persons points.You can't inflate your own.Unless you are Andy/223fan & have multiple screen names.:rolleyes:Also you have to spread your opinions around.You cannot just add to any one person.I trieAndy on successive days-no dice.

I have no idea what it's really for either.Mebee Rich'll have door prizes or something.

Pin enough tales on the jackass anyone?
BTW Rich?Can we have that one hour edit in this forum too?My typing & spelling lately leave a bit to be desired.Thanks.
hey! some body bumped me up!

thanks, i was just at 40 when i looked, i must be entertaining sombodies[obvisoly, with my spelling]

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