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My ancestry, like most peoples', is mixed. My Cherokee ancestors have been here for "a long while," and were kept as slaves for a time by the Iriquois and the Europeans. My Chappell ancestors came here from England at nearly the very beginning of our colonization days (Capt. John Chappell was master of the Speedwell), and we settled here in the early 1600s in South Carolina and owned slaves. My mother's side of the family came through Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri tot he Ozark Mts. more than 170 years ago, and they too owned slaves. I am typing this on the family farm, where there is the old house from pre-Civil War days, and in back of that house there are still the foundations from where the slave quarters used tobe.

My wife's family is also of mixed heritage. Her mother's people are all from Savannah, GA, and they too kept slaves before the war. He father's people came from Bohemia in the 1880s, and though they did not ever have slaves, they did work with Al Capone's gangs in Chicago during the 1930s!

So, my kids, a true group of hodgepodge Americans, how much should they have to pay for the sins of their faraway forefathers? Do they get credit for being descended from immigrants who arrived after slavery? How about the credit they get from having their ancerteral lands taken from them inthe 1800s? I'm really having trouble finding out how much to pay in this reparations movement . . .it's worse than the IRS ever thought of being.

Any ideas???

I know, I'll just forget the whole thing and let every body stand on their own two feet! How's that sound?

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