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I like the post about the Irish on the roof in the lightening storm. Think about it. The Irish, the Chinese, the Germans and Italians were all immigrants here. None were liked. As the descendant of an Irish immigrant, I am lucky to be here. I explained this to a good friend of mine. He is black. I asked him if he would gamble his $10,000. car in a card game. He said "hell no." I asked him if he changes the oil and maintains this expensive car. He said "of course." I asked him if he drove it everyday. Yes.
I then asked him if slaves were valuable in the day. He looked puzzled. I asked him if slaves were, if poorly at times, fed. Yes, to keep them alive. I asked if an "expensive" slave was given elementary medicine. He agreed.
So slaves were kept alive to suit a purpose. They were bought and paid for. They were useful.
Irishmen like my anscestors were dirt. No one cared if they lived or died. They were beaten when found near the homes of the wealthy. They were arrested, leaving their children hungry, their wives in the streets of the slums. The Irish died.
It was the same for the Germans, Chinese, and Italians. As a matter of fact, they were often killed trying to steal food or money for their families to live. All in a time when no one cared. Not even the whites who were doing it. Mostly English ( of which I am also ). All the while the black slaves were given at least subsistance in return for grueling labor.

We owe each other nothing!
I am Dave's friend. I suspect I always will be. We have an understanding. My skin is not black, his is not white. We are Americans. More than that, we are friends.
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