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Rich, got activity here NOW, altho a noted

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lack of appreciation for it is evident. :)
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it's not the activity

that's not appreciated!

u just don't get it do u? u insult all of the readers,even though u don't know them or even who's really reading this.

it matters not that ur DATA may be correct, ur attitude SUCKS!
I do appreciate the traffic, but the combative attitude is really not necessary, now is it? What's the point? People will just look at the name of the poster, think that the message posted is just another jab at someone, or chest pounding and not bother to read it.

You would be a whole more effective and respected author if you would just state the facts that you know without sniping and attacking everyone else. If you want to be treated as a professional, then act like one.
My sentiments exactly, I originaly came her with hopes of gleaning, and passing on information.
Why must we see all the negative drivel?:(
Until I got here, there wasn't enough

postings to entertain a high school kid for an hour. People that have to have their asses kissed, to learn that 2+2=4 get what they deserve, NO knowledge. :)
So, what is worse? Not enough posts for anyone to have interest enough to stay? Or a lot of posts by someone who people ignore because of his attitude?

What are you so damned angry about?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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