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Rich, I know that it is none of my business but is it really worth poaching squirrels to have a bamboo crop? I don't know the laws in FL but here in AR it is against the law to kill game out of season. I'm not sure but I think here in AR you can buy a permit to controll game that is damaging property. If you are caught poaching in AR the game and fish can confiscate your guns, truck atv, and even revoke your hunting license. Lets just say in your case you had one of your 50's with you and you were caught. That would be a very costly price for a few bamboo. Now I'm no saint and yes I have killed a few animals out of season, but not on a scale like you. And even if I was I sure would be smarter than to announce it to the whole world. Just my 2c.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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