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before the election. If they know all about such, why dont they STOP it? Because Shrub is the one BEHIND it, it will help get him re-elected, or else, stop the elections entirely, and leave him dictator.

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They don't have any specifics on the threat. If you look at what happened in Spain, the threat is very credible.

It isn't a conspiracy by Bush. Take off the tin foil.

I happen to know about a lot of threats and plots that have been stopped. Things you will never hear about in the news.

Did you know that during the world series in AZ, someone smuggled a manpad anti-aircraft missile into the state to try and shoot down the B2 that made a pass over the stadium?

And that someone else stole a small plane from the deer valley airport to crash into the crowd through the open roof of the ballpark?

Those inept agencies that you like to make fun of dealt with both situations, silently and effectively.

you don't have a clue what goes on every day.

but you whine and complain. Just remember Kerry's wife basically said that the US should just accept the terrorist attacks and learn to live with them like they do in europe.

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