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I live in an apartment. I get the heebie-jeebies thinking that one of my neighbors with theft on his mind might see me leave the apartment with my gun case and decide to do a little firearms shopping at my home.

Browning makes a line of gun cases that look like briefcases, but they are too short for the average scoped rifle. They are made for take-down shotguns. I also have looked at cases by Winchester and even some specialty manufacturers who make gun cases that don't look like gun cases, but some of these are overly expensive or are used for guns commonly enough that they don't disguise the contents like you might think. I had a black rectangular case that I swore would fool everyone into thinking it was a case for a musical instrument. I had used the case all of twice when a neighbor came up to me and said, "What kind of shotgun is that?!"

Can anybody suggest a manufacturer of rifle cases or specialty cases that will hold at least one scoped rifle and not look like a gun case?
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