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Rifle slings

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In a dangerous situation, the rifle belongs in the hands, not slung over the shoulder. I'm curious what kind of sling you favor for those times when you want both hands free. I always liked the military leather slings like the
?M1907? Most of the rifles wear leather. Lately though, have come to favor the M1 type cotton sling with the metal tip and the quick adjustable keeper. Know that the nylon slings are good for extremely wet climates but they're just a little slick for me. Anybody use the Ching Sling? Jeff Cooper recommends it but I don't know much about it. Any other types of slings?

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bs, a good bipod lets you get prone, from standing, and hit a 10" circle at 200m in 5 seconds, and that INCLUDES attaching the GI bipod to its foreend mount., or unfolding a folding type bipod. Slinging up AND going prone takes a LOT longer, and is a LOT slower for engaging multiple targets. The carrying handle lets you get up from and go prone with the bipod MUCH faster than anyone can use a sling and do same. What the sling does is TIE your rifle to your arm, making you UNABLE to use that arm to do ANYTHING else (like break your fall, move things aside, rearrange objects as cover, etc.

Bipod is not as good as a sandbag (filled with dirt on site) as a rifle rest, and is only marginally better than a backpack, etc as a rifle rest. What the bipod is GOOD for is FAST movement and shooting, especially on moving, cover using targets, who are trying to KILL you, in the 200-300m range.

Sling use is VERY dependent, POI wise, upon getting the SAME tension each time, in EXACTLY the same way. A TOTALLY bs assumption, in combat. It DOES alter the POI, so you HAVE to use the sling for any precision shot, if you've zeroed a battle rifle (as vs a bs match rifle) with the sling. In other words, the sling, (as an accuracy aid in combat), is every BIT as much of a bs "gamesman" device as is a compensator on a 'combat" pistol.
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I KNOW I can attach the bipod, go prone and get such a hit in 5 seconds, and I KNOW YOU CAN'T sling up, go prone and get that hit in 5 seconds. I ALSO know that you cant move as fast, in and out of prone, slung up, as I can with bipod, and I also know that the bipod IS faster for hitting other targets faster. I can prove it. All you offer is your bs CLAIMS. Anyone who will CHECK with the IPSC rifle guys will find out that the times and other stuff I've claimed is CORRECT.
I know that SOME guys can run a sub 4minute mile. I know that NO MAN can run a sub 3 minute mile. You just want to bs everyone into believing that you can do MORE moves in the same time, and it just aint so, liar.
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