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Which would be your Ruger 10/22 of choice from the choices below?

  • Ruger All Weather, with full sized composite stock.

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • Ruger All Weather, with narrower composite stock as available from Walmart.

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • SS Ruger 10/22 with wood stock.

    Votes: 6 18.2%
  • Blue steel Ruger 10/22 with wood stock.

    Votes: 15 45.5%

Ruger 10/22 configurations...

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I am about to buy my son a Ruger 10/22 as a graduation present from 8th grade and for getting good grades. He made the honor roll and his marks went up a pretty good deal - he had been failing one or two subjects earlier in the year; so I guess the incentive I offered him was a good one. Yep, I told him if he achieved certain grades he would get his own (so to speak) Ruger 10/22.

Now I am wondering a thing or two about off the shelf Ruger 10/22s. We were planning on getting the All Weather model: Stainless, with the synthetic full sized stock. There is also another made for Walmart with synthetic stock but the stock is much thinner than the regular All Weather. Then again there is the stainless model with the wood stock. I know most of the plusses and minuses of wood versus synthetic stocks; but what I want to know is: Speaking practically (not from an academic stand) which of these models do you think is best for all around use and why. Please share your experience with them. Thanks.

Best regards,
Glenn B
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Both of my 10/22's are stainless and have Butler Creek replacement stocks ( bull barrel and standard). That is the only configuration I'm familiar with.

Seems to me, personal choice would be the deciding factor here. I'd let the lad go pick out the one he prefered. It takes a bit away from the presentaion to him but if he likes the look of wood better then it's a bit more personal to him.

Just my .02
Both of mine are bone stock walnut,barrell band,& blued barrel.
Occasionally I have the urge to build a heavy barreled,thumbhole stock version w/all the custom internals.Then something else comes along.:)
For me the ss & plastic rifles are cold.They have no "warmth".You know what I mean?
Both of my 10-22's wear blued steel and the wood stock. From an absolutely practical point of view, I'll have to vote for the Ruger composite stock and stainless steel. The aftermarket accessories come in both blue and stainless sto thats not a problem. If your son later wants a wood, they can be found on Ebay at good prices.

I'm sure you've already thought of it but a trigger job and a nice scope would make a nice extra.

Your son has a good Dad.

Brendan likes the look of the synthetic stocked SS Ruger and we already have my wood stocked blue steel one. I sort of like the idea of the durability of SS. I am really wondering does the synthetic stock with its lighter weight take away from the inherent accuracy of the 10/22 or in any way detract or add to the gun?

As far as being cold goes, I guess I can see that in a way, I have an affinity for blue steel guns too. Then again this is the 21st century and maybe it is about time we got one gun in SS that we keep. I don't know, it would be sort of like he has the same gun as me but yet it will be distinct enough from mine for him to know it is all his. Hmm I guess the All Weather model would be just that. I just sold myself - a Ruger 10/22 All Weather in SS with Sybnthetic stock it will be!

Thanks gents, I just needed to think anout this a bit more and you guys helped put it in perspective for me.

Best regards,
Glenn B
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If I was going to get a brand new 10/22 off the shelf for a kid I'd do this:

Get a plain blued 10/22 and take off the 18" factory barrel and stock.

Butler Creek makes a 16" carbon fiber, stainless steel lined, standard contour barrel with iron sights.

Get this barrel. It and a synthetic stock cut the weight of the weapon in half.

I'd get either the Butler Creek sporter synthetic stock, or the Houge overmoulded stock. I have the Butler Creek and it's shape is just about perfect.

Put a 4x40mm scope with low mounts on the weapon.

A shooter's sling and at least 2 to 4 spare mags and you're set to go. Mag pouches designed for revolver speedloaders work great with 10/22 mags.
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Glenn- Right now I'd get him what he wants. There are enough goodies for 10/22's that he can switch out later. As for the sybthetic stocks get what fits him best now.
I have the stainless/synthetic model, and I love it. I bought a Green Mountain bull barrel and Bell & Carlson stock for it, but for the extra weight, it's not that much more accurate than the factory barrel. I also bought the Choate pistol grip stock which is on it now with the factory barrel and a 4x scope. I REALLY like this set-up. Very light with the great ergonomics of the AR-15. It looks really cool too.
TODD 3465 said:
Glenn- Right now I'd get him what he wants.
Also words of wisdom to go by. Yeah I am convinced I will get him the 10/22 All Weather. No problem with weight or fit and certainly what he wants....

Thanks again for all the input.

All the best,
GB :)

This thread made me laugh. Do you notice how many people have TWO Ruger 10/.22's? Why do you need two? It doesn't make sense. I like the original wood stocked blue barreled Ruger with the iron sights. What a great kicking around little gun. It is light and accurate as can be . Then again I have to admit my wife forced me to buy that blue barreled, black composite stock one and deck it out with a Bushnell scope. And I'm waiting for the Ruger 10/.17HRM to hit the stores, but that doesn't count since it's not a .22. People, think! Don't buy more than you need.
Better keep a sock tied around the muzzle and magazine opening. Those darn things breed!

Terry G said:
This thread made me laugh. Do you notice how many people have TWO Ruger 10/.22's? Why do you need two? It doesn't make sense .... People, think! Don't buy more than you need.
Heck - I have it all figured out. I only own one, and my son doesn't own any. So when I buy him his 10/22 we will each own one. Then again how could you ever have more guns than you need? (Rhetorical - does not need to be answered - especially by someone who only owns one gun and will never understand the joys of having and shooting more than one!)

As for the 10/22s breeding, that would be nice. Really now, there are never enough guns, and just like guns there is never enough ammo so if anyone figures out how to breed ammo let me know. :cool:

All the best,
Glenn B
I'm a purist, I like blue steel and wood stocks. That said if I lived near the ocean all my firearms would be ss and synthetic stock.
I have a stainless standard barrel model with the black/gray laminated birch stock (Wal-Mart special edition from back in the early 90's). Haven't done anything to it, and it's still a blast to shoot.
T.D., I'm a pureist, too. I have a nice walnut stocked (as opposed to walnut stained birch), metal butt plated (as opposed to plastic), pre warning stamp bbl 10/22 that I've been holding on to just to have a nice sample of a factory issue gun. It also happens to be sitting on my bench the last few days next to a pre-94, Ramline folding stock and a BSA reddot sight I was given as a gift. I've been thinking of converting it to a tactical .22LR, "Entry Gun"!;) However, I must admit, I'm having some hesitation deconstructing my pure 10/22. Still, I can always return it to the M1Carb shaped, .22LR that Bill wanted it to be (how to get an M7 bayonet lug on it? maybe the bbl clamped, M1 Carb bayo lug would best?). It is worth pointing out the the SS 10/22 actually have a silver painted, aluminum rcvr not ss. Stainless rcvrs are available from Volq.

MSH, I just love the look and feel of the factory laminated stocks! You can keep that look and feel by adding a muzzle weighted bbl from Volquartzen. A William's front 'Fire Sight' and rear William's Peep or rear 'Fire Sight" are the first mods I would suggest.

As to why more than one, my friend Glenn answered that one very politely. We go way back to when we were "all over it" @, a now defunct site. He has a great story about how he got his guns (including a .22) back from a gun safe from inside the wreakage/debris of 9/11. A story that I won't mutilate by retelling here.
Hey Glenn! Hoping you still see a bit of that 9y/o boy in the mirror! Best.:)

Now let's crap on the 10/22!;) It's got a lousy trigger, a cheap factory scope mnt, can't be cleaned from the breach, awkward mag release, too short a LOP, the sights are crud (I mean crude), the chamber is sloppy and no bolt hold open on last shot! And there must be more...

That being said, the beauty of the 10/22 is you can easily buy a new bbl, replace the sights, add a bolt hold open device, upgrade the mag release, get titanium trigger group parts and put on a nice laminated, thumbhole stock from Boyds! "Just" do that and you've got a nice rifle!:nyah:

Admittedly, it does come w/one of the BEST factory mags I've seen.

Heck, I've got 3! Two for my gatlin' and a nice factory example that I was trying to keep as a nice factory example! Next, a carbon fiber tensioned bbl and a folding 'Packer Stock' from But. Creek that breaks @ the forearm and takes down the bbl, will give a lightweight, break down .22lr that will be a perfect hiking buddy! And... one more just to turn into a "space gun"!

The question remains, "How many 10/22s do you need?".
I suggest it's more appropriate to ask, "How many do you want?". And, more importantly, "Why keep them stock?".:)
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Bring him along....

All of the 10/22's are GREAT off the shelf for a boy. Just bring the boy in and have him pick one. Wow how cool is that! I had to mow lawns and wash cars to buy my first 22...then again I was cutting school... :)
Thread revived from '04?

Coincides with my first 10/22 purchase last week. I've had several other .22's and still have a few, but never "The Ruger 10/22". I installed the rail today and an inexpensive Simmons 3x9x40. Yeah, I know. I swore them off years ago but it was new and free, I'm hoping it will hold up to the "recoil" of the massive .22LR. If it doesn't, I'll try something else. I dropped it off this afternoon for a trigger job. Mine's the carbine, kind of cheap and plain looking out of the box but it got a whole new look with the scope on - started looking like a rifle that might become a favorite.

So my initial plan is done, scope it and get a trigger job and see how it shoots. Did I mention I haven't shot it yet? My shooting buddies are in to .22's so I figured it was time to start my own 10/22 project. If it doesn't turn out to my expectations, I'll start Plan B. A Hogue stock and a stainless Green Mountain bbl. That's about as far as I'm willing to go with it.

Yeah, right!
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Yet one more way to modify your 10/22:
Complete w/1/2"x28tpi and thread protector.
Terry G said:
This thread made me laugh. Do you notice how many people have TWO Ruger 10/.22's? Why do you need two?
Here's why! :cool:
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