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Ruger Mini-30

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The Ruger Mini-30 is chambered for the 7.62x39 Kalashnikov, and I'm interested in converting one to 5.45x39 Kalashnikov. I know I'd need to modify the following:

Bolt (bolt face)
Bolt Spring
Modify Magazine

Am I missing anything?
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223 fan/andy

You called the mini-30 junk and have the nerve to call me stupid...and thanks for thinking my concept is a waste of time and money. Perhaps maybe I don't like the idea of owning a foreign made firearm, but like the 5.45? I admit it isn't something that'll be started on immediately, it may be a couple of months. It just so happens that I am actually getting ready to move to Colorado (I'll be there first week in Aug), and, unlike you, I have a job and have these things called "bills" which I need to pay. Not everyone can mooch off their woman (hell, I wish I could. I'd sit on my arse and play with guns all day;) ).

Hey, don't YOU live in Colorado? We should get together sometime.:cool:
Re: everyone with experience KNOWS that

andy said:
the mini is junk, stupid. Regardless of caliber. It's poorly CAST, and even more poorly fitted. The handguard has to hold the operating rod on the gun, ferchrissakes. 5.45 is no cheaper than 223, and does nothing that .223 can't, aint as available or accurate as 223, and has no .22 unit, no GI, low cost mags, etc. So the entire project is a stupid waste of time and money, dummy.
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Raider said:
I wouldn't come around GK on a bet. Not that I'm afraid of him but he is probably under surveillance by law enforcement now for what might be considered terrorist threats. Guilt by association, ya know.

Bad Juju.

Who said I wanted to be his friend?;)
I just want to poke him in the eye with a sharp stick.
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