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I know this is an old thread, but I just stumbled across it tonight. I think I have already told my 9 year old niece about half of the things in the original post and am waiting for her to start considering dating to tell the other half. I can guarantee you that each and every one of her boyfriends that she brings to my house will know instantly that I have the capability to shoot them. I wear my pistol, securely holstered from the time I dress in the morning until the time I get into the shower before bed. It has nothing to do with the young gentleman who will seek to court my niece and everytning to do with my daily routine. They should know shortly after the revelation that I can shoot them that I will not do so without reason. If they are smart enough to deduce this last fact, they might have a chance of seeing her a second time with my blessing.

I want my little girl to be happy and enjoy the companionship of the man of her choice. I simply want her to choose well.
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