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Runtime errors?

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Is anybody else getting runtime errors here? This is about to drive me crazy. Don't know whether its my computer or the forum system.

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What specific error messages are you getting?

I'm not getting any errors, but I'm using Safari on a mac laptop (since my main computers are packed away).

Aslan, here is what I'm getting,

A Runtime Error has occurred.
Do you wish to debug?
Line 316
Error 'is_ie' is undefined

Other line error messages are "Error unexpected ')' " and "Error object expected"

Have to respond 'no' to the Do you wish to debug ten or twelve times for different error lines before it will let me in.

This is so frustrating. I code for large computers and only use the PC's as a workstation base. Using Windows 98 and problem just started.

Can you help? Thanks

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Not getting any errors logged on my end. Sounds like your browser is having some problems to me. Try doing an update to the browser and in particular the javascripting module.

Good luck!
The is_ie is one of the flags I've seen in javascript to check for which browser is being run.

Although I use a lot of MS products (I have an MSDN subscription), I'm not their biggest fan.

It sounds like the javascript interpeter that your version of IE is using is broken. You can upgrade it, but if the problem persists, you might look at mozilla or opera, or one of the other browsers out there.

Sorry I don't have a "just do x and your problem will go away type answer"

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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