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Russia, china, getting out wouldn't be that

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tough. Get your hiking gear together, get fit. Make a spring bow, take a cop's pistol. Make a can for it. Use it to take a soldier's rifle. Make a can for the rifle, and start hiking, at night, Kill as you need to, get out.
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All so simple isn't it, in your fantasy. Steal a pistol and rifle and start walking. You can't speak a word of Russian or Chinese and don't know the customs so it would be obvious to the locals that you were a foreigner despite any disguise. There would be a reward out for you because of the people you killed. In the real world you wouldn't get 50 miles before you were bagged like the vegetable that you are. Your captors wouldn't treat you gently either.

And the fantasy gets even better.............................
O.K.,Who else is willing to pony up some dough to let Mr.Dingles prove his claim?I've got $3.82 in my pocket right now that I'd be glad to donate.My only condition is that he be dropped off in outer Mongolia w/only a pair of skivvies,a toothbrush,& a compass(to be fair).If he makes it back within a month I'll believe whatever he says as Gospel.
Who else is willing to help test the hypothesys(sp?)?
I'll contribute my Clinton $3 bill. :D

I've been to Russia Tard. There are areas that you don't want to walk through no matter what. Russia is a very tough place. Tell ya what, you want to impress us, hike from Moscow to Murmansk anytime between October and March.

I'll toss in $10.00 Canadian!
You can have 5 bucks from me! Stup*kid, this is one of the real stupid post you have made. Don't you think our GIs TRIED to get out of Japan in WW2? Did they LOOK JAPANESE? Did they know JAP customs? And what would the Japs do when, not if, they caught them?

You are a riot, stup*kid. A real boob.
JD, you wouldn't have to "escape" they would take you to the boarder and throw your [email protected] out before you had the chance to contaminate the gene pool.

Teufelhund said:
JD, you wouldn't have to "escape" they would take you to the boarder and throw your [email protected] out before you had the chance to contaminate the gene pool.

:rofl: :grabbit: :laugh:
I will contribute $100 cold hard cash but there is a condition. You guys have to collect enough to get me there too because I want to be the one who sees him dropped off there to document it being for real. No money, no anything except the compass and the clothes on his back (let's give him a shirt pants, shorts, socks, shoes, and a hat. Actually I think Mongolia is rather too easy, I would prefer he be dropped off in the middle of Nepal or Tibet or maybe Siberia. Mongolia is just too flat or hilly. Nepal and Tibet can be a real hike.
Why not just dump him in the middle of the NYC slums? The boys in the hood would lick their lips and say "prey".

Because he's grown accustomed to, and even enjoy large black men pulling a train on him.

Now if you did like they did in Die Hard 4 and put him naked in Brookland with nothing but a sign that says "I hate n*ggers", that might be a real survival situation.

But really, Glenn has the better idea, Nepal. He'll soon find out why everyone, including kids carry those big ol' Kukris that he's always running down.
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