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Russian VSS Vibtorez 9X39mm Silenced

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I'm posting this in relation to the comments on the original internals of it's integral suppressor.
Sounded very familiar for some reason.

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Could be very entertaining!
I've not so much been interested in the firearm itself as much as a 9x39mm cartridge.
Way back in the late 80's I had toyed with the idea of what would have been a wildcat cartridge in 9x39mm using a Hornady 9mm XTP 147gr JHP. The only drawback in that time period were the following: Money due to college expenses. Lack of relatively inexpensive and available brass. Little to no knowledge of either SKS or AK-47/AKM gunsmithing, sources of spare parts or specialty tooling.
And even if I had the specs as first mentioned affording a custom barrel and everything including getting dies made would be a royal PIA financially.

My desires aside I'm kind of surprised no one here in the USA has pursued both firearms and ammunition manufacturing. Unless it's too much of a niche weapon and ammo.
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