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I do not like the contour of the shrouded two piece barrel on my 325TR, just looks funny, same with the 986. Flat sided barrels an unfluted cylinders are hard to like for me. They shoot great.
Smith has had a problem with over tightened barrels making the sights off a little an rib not lining up. QC is about like everybody else these days. They send a shipping label an repair fast. Warranty is better than most on new stuff, just don't call them for old parts anymore, they have none. Did not even have a hammer nose for a model 15 made in 1972. Gave me name of guy who bought all the old stuff. They still do a great reblue an cheaper than lots of places.

Also Mel, this post started with me LOOKING for Model 41 Smith &Wesson barrels, not a comment on problems. Do you even know what a model 41 Smith is?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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