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great, in some weirdo Belgian pistol that they AINT got, but that SAME 50grs, at 2100 fps, in a 9x19 is somehow nothing much, cause "everybody's got a 9mm". :) Dumbasses. What matters is PERFORMANCE, not what gun you got it with.

People are just too effing LAZY to cast a few hundred bullets, that's all. Man, I paid the bills for a couple of months, once, casting .45 bullets. I could cast,size and lube 5,000 bullets in an 8 hour day. I used a propanefired plumber's furnace to melt a 100 lb pot of alloy. I had 20 lb ingots ready to go. While an ingot was melting, I'd size and lube about half of the bullet's I'd cast in the last melt. I'd drop the bullets into a water bucket, use 3 4 cavity H and G molds, quench the molds in the water bucket, knock them open with a big rawhide mallet, and go like hell. I could cast 1000 bullets per hour, and size and lube well over 2000 per hour.

Casting out of pure tin is much slower, but you dont need 5000 such bullets. Sizing them with a lee sizer, mounted in your reloading press, is a LOT slower than a Star progressive loader, too, of course, but anybody can have a few hundred pure tin bullets in an afternoon of work.
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