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Santa Claus provoques White House Evacution
2 F-16s took off yesterday nigth to intercept what seemed to be an agressor jet. Turned out to be Santa!
Wednesday, December 23, 2004 Posted: 5:51 PM EST (2251 GMT)

2 F-16s took off yesterday to intercept Santa´s slay..

Washington, US (CNN) -- 2 F-16s took off today from an undisclosed US air force base to intercept an unidentified aircraft over the White House, military officials said.

During last nigth, U.S. Air Force Radars detected what appear to be and non-identified aircraft in route to the white house. 5 minutes later 2 F-16s took off to identify and intercept the aircraft.

At about 22:30 AM the F-16s reached their target. Their reaction was tottaly unexpected: "RedEye1, this Falcon20... Jesus... it´s Santa".

The astonished pilots then were ordered to escort Santa´s slay to DC. International AirPort where Secret Services would be waiting for them. At the same time Presidents Bush was taken to the Air Force One and was ready to take off.

Santa was then arrested and taken to and undisclosed location.

Series of reactions
Donald Rumsfeld said today in a press conference in the Pentagon that, quote: "Santa is not being cooperative. We want to know were he hides his toy factory and his army of little man, but the only thing we got from him was a "Ho Ho Ho"."

President Bush told the press: "We are still investigating if Santa´s slay is a way to transport weapons of mass destruction". When asked if he felt any fear last night Bush replied: "Next question please".

The French president, Jaccques Chirac said today: "We hope that our friends the americans can free Santa, because the migthy French republic wanted from santa this christmas a "military victory in any war"". In a letter written last year santa replied: " My son, you ask me that all the time from the past 4 centurys... you know.. the only problem of France is that its full of French. So if you want to win a war... Just wait some more centurys!"

Meanwhile, CNN received some reports that "little ugly man" are emerging from the North Pole, heavly armed.

More news soon.
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