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scoped 11" 223 has 3x the range of 12 ga

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using slugs, effective range, on men, and that INCLUDES the "ghost riing" peep sights (that so FEW shotguns are equipped with) The 11"223 has 4x the effective range of a 12 ga with regular "open" rifle sights, and 6x the effective range of a 12 ga that only has a single front bead as a "sight".
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Just goes to prove that a firearm should be used within its limitation. Geez, what a common sense thought!
And a full size AR outranges a 11 CAR pos by 2x. And a 7.62 bolt gun outranges a 11 CAR 3x. Stupes think of one gun and fantasize, smart people see that each weapon has it's advantages and disadvanages.

For close ranges were stopping power is a must, the 12 guage has no equal. I consider the 11 inch CAR to be a very poor compromise. Just to much velocity is lost and no gain in handyness (even the M4 is better than a CAR!)
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