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I also own a .357 mag, 4" brl revolver. A good dependable gun.

But the 9mm auto would out perform it any day of the week.
I have fired hundreds of rounds through it. I have yet to have
a clip jam. I think 25% of the time it can be a poorly made auto.

75% of the time its poor maintenence by the owner, Clean it well,
oil it, and don't shoot with a limp wrist as it can affect the ejector
mechanism and cause jams.

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With Respect

It is not the first time I have heard the debate revolver vs. auto,
or harder hitting round vs. another.

Of course its quite true the .375 mag round has superior stopping
power, and I can't argue that obviously. If I were to use my .357
for ccw, I think it would get heavy, uncomfortable, and as its all stainless steel, darn cold against your person on a Minnesota
winter day. This is a gun not made for the light frames, I have tried them, they kick like a bronco.

Shot placement has more bearing on stopping for me.
While I never, ever want to find out first hand, I hear you know
you have been hit with a 9mm hollow +p.

Moreover, the weapon of choice for many covert operatives is
a .22 cal type Barreta, again shot placement is valued. As well
as concealibility.

As for jams in autos, stove pipes ect. yes they can and do happen
rarely. My point was it can be minimumized by keeping the darn
gun clean. Autos do have more moving parts and so demand
a bit more maintenence. I am very fond of my .357 revolver,
heck I still have it. And in the woods its my first choice.

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Agree! the .357 is one of the hardest hitting rounds
there are, very lethal. Only a fool would laugh it off.

However, in carry application, many variables exist.
weight, concealment, liability! A direct hit in a vital area
with a .357 is a good bet for a trip to the morgue for
its unlucky reciepient.

But, is that what you want in every case?
When to neutralize, rather than obliterate a threat
would have been more than enough. The old cliche'
goes I would rather take my chances with a jury of 12
than be carried by 6.

In a court room many do not always see it that way.
Even if you win a criminal proceeding, ther is virtualy no
limit to civil liabilities, $$$$$$$$$!
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