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it looks like the awb might sunset. i am wondering how fast the manufacturers will have the hi caps ready for sale. i plan on buying a life time supply and then some.
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I wouldn't hold my breath. The anti-gunners are frothing at the mouth over this and it's been proven time and time again that they have some big bucks behind them and the capability to pull some real dirty tricks in congress. Remember them passing the Brady Bill with Dole doing a magic trick of having a quorum of only three congressmen? I think I remember that one, and it amazed me that such a thing when basically unchallenged.

Heck, I worked for the Florida Legislature for a number of years. When they were in session, first thing they would do every day is to vote by voice vote (which always passed) to "waive the rules".

But if it does sunset, I plan to buy as many Beta-C mags as I can....
The owner of the company that sells the Beta C mag is anti-RKBA, at least they were before the 1994 ban went through, and they don't like selling to civilians.
zombo said:
it looks like the awb might sunset. i am wondering how fast the manufacturers will have the hi caps ready for sale. i plan on buying a life time supply and then some.
They already make them for LEOs, all they'd have to do is put in the old dies that don't stamp "Law Enforcement" on them, and ramp up production. They could probably flood the market in a couple of months.

Thing you need to watch for is further legislation. It doesn't matter how many normal-capactiy magazines you buy if they then outlaw all guns.

Rich. . .I've heard the Beta-C's are less than reliable and prone to jamming and breakage. Maybe they fixed 'em.
What's funny is that the companies like Beta, Knights, HK, S&W and a few others that basically have been screwing gun owners to make themselves look good in front of .gov are now scrambling to change their image.

As far as I'm concerned, there are too many other companies that are set up to compete against these others.

As for the ban, it's done. The anti's can froth all they want. They screwed up by letting it sunset on an election year.

Hope you're right, Mike. The election-year renewal always struck me as a mistake on their part too, especially since these scuds always seem to factor re-election into their plans as one of the highest priorities.

A hot-potato item like this (that's emotional for both sides), that has to be actively renewed in an election year seems like such a freshman mistake for these people. Hope it was just that, and we're not going to see some other chicanery in the next couple months.

That could well be "enough" for some people.
Well, also take into account that Congress recesses on the 23rd and won't come back into session until after laborday... So, if they don't pass it in the next 7 days, they will have about 6 days in September to do it... Unfortunately for the anti's, there are more important things to deal with after laborday... if it doesn't get renewed in the next 7 days, it's done...

Hard Rock said:
...Unfortunately for the anti's, there are more important things to deal with after laborday...


Do you mean "more important" to the anti's specifically, or just more important in the overall congressional schedule/agenda...?

I don't see how anything could be more important than this to the anti's, right now at least.

Hate to sound so negative; I just don't have a lot of faith in "the right thing" somehow happening with the crowd we've now got in office. This is one of those occasions where I would be glad to be shown wrong.

Regarding the "ramping-up" production question... If the law sunsets and the pre-ban/post-ban issue is moot, I wonder if that means all the "LE-only" mags (and "LE-only" [pre-ban configuration] weapons made during the ban) would then be unrestricted? That would be good for several reasons. Quicker availability obviously, and (my favorite) the 'mixing-up' or de-segregating of the LE-only gear from citizen-legal gear. That would be a very good thing, imo.

Picture all these currently LE-only AR's, hi-cap mags, etc, being suddenly available to the public... Sales would skyrocket, increasing demand would drag behind it an increasing supply, more private citizens would be armed with decent defensive weapons, and there would be no automatic "guilty" presumption (as there now is) for a citizen owning something stamped "Restricted - LE-govt only". That's assuming all the "ban-era" LE-only stuff is no longer restricted...

Will keep my fingers crossed; but something shooting thru in those last six days would not surprise me in the least. (Again, would welcome being wrong.)
Over all... think about it. this is an election year, there is also procedural votes to be taken and so forth.

zombo said:
it looks like the awb might sunset. i am wondering how fast the manufacturers will have the hi caps ready for sale. i plan on buying a life time supply and then some.
They probably already have enough to flood the market. The gun companies, well, some of them, have most likely been making hi-cap mags in small quantities. After ten years, little numbers turn into big numbers.
I think what worries me the most is that in many cases, some "incident" seems to take place when legislation that is critical to the antis are stalled or look like they are failing.

All it would take is for someone to storm the capital with a Barrett M82A1 to give them the media sound bites they need. They could knock the sunset out and get .50s probably banned in one fell swoop.
zombo said:
it looks like the awb might sunset. i am wondering how fast the manufacturers will have the hi caps ready for sale. i plan on buying a life time supply and then some.
High caps? Probably not immediately. BUT, I bet Full cap magazines will be available ASAPsince those are already being made for alw enforcement only!

I want a few more high caps, but if full (or standard) capacity mags become available as factory new again, I plan to buy as many as I can afford for any gun I MIGHT even think about owning in the next couple of years or so!

I'll be doing the same thing. I just hope the prices drop to a more reasonable amount.
I actually saw 25 rd 10/22 mags going for $70 shortly after the ban. I bought 4 when I saw them jump from $10 to $12.
Hard Rock said:
if it doesn't get renewed in the next 7 days, it's done...

And that, my friends, is the precise answer to the question. It's over. No way on earth that it will be renewed. Why? Because it will never come up in the House. Why again? Because Bush set it up that way!

Here's an excerpt from an article that ran in the Washington Times only a few days ago:

"The House leaders have always been clear: The votes are not there in the House to extend the ban," Mr. DeLay [House Majority Leader] said last week. House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, said he is not sure the ban would pass the House, but said there was no chance of it reaching the floor."

See the "always been clear"? That suggests that this thing has been DOA in the house for a long time! Why would it have been dead for a long time? Because the the leader of the Republican Party - George W. Bush - wanted it that way, and he set it up that way a long time ago. I have been saying this for years; I wish the old Liberty Front threads were still around so I could prove it, but Hard Rock and GB will doubtless remember.

Here it is again: The Democrats are scared crapless to go to the mat on this because just about every democrat who voted for it got voted out of office the next time around. The stalwarts like Schumer and Feinstein, yes, but not the mainstream Democrats in Congress. Now, some folks have chided Bush for saying he'd renew, but again, as I've said for years, I have had no doubt that he already had it worked out with the House leadership to make damn sure that it was DOA there. That freed him up to say he would sign an extension without ever actually having to do it.

Think about it - it's brilliant: by saying he would sign it, he avoids pissing off the soccer moms. However, by setting it up so that he does not actually have to SIGN it keeps the gunny element in his base intact. He looks out for the rights of gun owners by setting this up, and he still keeps his base of support! Perfect! Unlike a ton of folks I've talked to who were angry that Bush said he'd sign a renewal, I did not see that as a particular problem because I felt very strongly that he had set things up this way to maximize the number of votes he'd get. By making sure the renewal was DOA in the House, he DID stand up for the rights of gun owners.

Ask yourself this: would gun owners have been better served by Bush expressly saying he would not renew, and then taking the loss in votes he would suffer b/c of the soccer moms? I don't think so. I think he took care of us a long time ago, and he took care of himself in the process, and that my friends is a HELL of alot better than having the likes of Kerry in the White House.

Rant off.
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Still, I will breath a sigh of relief when the fat lady sings.

It's not over until it is over.
Me too, Rich, me too. I guess I'm a glass-half-empty sort of person, because even though we have beaten this one, the antis will be right back at us some other way. It's a constant battle. I suppose it always will be.


i 'gave away' a 25rd.10/22 mag. in excellent working order about 3 weeks ago to a buddies wife[against his wishes,ha,ha,] so i feel also it's dead!

Re: A.W.B.

brass hammer said:
... so i feel also it's dead! ...
The AW ban, or your buddy?

OK, suppose it is real and the ban will sunset.

What exactly will it mean to us? Besides the hi-cap magazines, what will we be able to get then that we cannot get now?
Rifles with bayonette lugs and flash supressors without having to pay outrageous amounts for a "pre ban" with the chance that it's a worn out piece of junk. Also, "post ban" weapons would be able to be modified to pre ban configuration. You'd also be able to have the other "preban" goodies, folding stocks, pistol grips, all on the same weapon.
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