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and with .45 ball. You will SEE that 2200 fps (5" barrel) 70 gr 3 segment prefrag is a LOT more effective, has no more recoil, either. If you had to cast them yourself, hp, hb them on the lathe, deepen the grease grooves, and slit the noses, you'd want $2 each for them, too. Only get 85 to the lb, and the nonlead solder is $8 a lb. So there's 11c in the material (bullet lube) and cost to melt the lead. The sizing is very difficult, too, with such hard bullets. The only way to get it done is the very slow Lee sizer die, mounted in a reloading press. Top performing hands have been making $70 an hour for many years now, self employed small biz owners.
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