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andy said:
55 gr ball, repeat with good sp load, and SEE if you "think" ball is so great at transferring energy. Repeat on some animals. The sp is FAR better, in nearly every instance. A good 223 sp virtually blows a chuck in half. It blows about 2" diameter holes in feral dogs' chests, too. 223 sp is one BAD mf.
2" diameter holes? I don't think so. I've shot deer, beaver and nutria with .22 and .24 inch centerfire bullets at 3000-3100 fps and never saw a 2" hole.

I have never personally seen a 55 grain .223 SP that exited a deer. They usually stop inside.

Other folks here have more experience than I do with .223 on deer. Maybe they can share their thoughts?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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