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Whew, neat gadget... :)

I can see a limited use in a CQB siuation when a long range team would be ineffective (visual obstructions, or in a basement with no views for a sniper) but as I say, limited use..

The best system for fire control, aiming and leading a shot is the trained human mind

A former SEAL made a few training videos that get around the corner issue nicely, for training federal agents, military, police etc and I got the good fortune to see the videos a couple of years ago, when the qualifications instructor happened to be an old colleague that had gone the route of federali and brought the tapes for the class to watch.

The method shown and explained in detail, was using the corner for cover, leaning out just past the corner (minimizing telegraphing your position) and aiming along the center and side of the weapons barrel (weapon held sideways) Depending on what side the corner or obstacle was, would be the deciding factor in which hand to shoot from, with practice stressed for both hands, with all the weapons you would carry (handgun, rifle, shotgun etc)
By utilizing a human, leading the shot on a moving target is greatly enhanced, shoot-no shoot thought is made easier by the humans mind etc.
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