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Shot a SOCOM M1A1 Today,

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It is a new version of Spring Field's M1A1 rifle. It has a 16.5 inch barrel and unlike other M1A1s it does not have a flash hider or muzzle break installed. This makes it 4.5 inches shorter than the 18 inch barreled Scout Model M1A1.
It is a .308 and comes with a black fiberglass stock and it uses 10 or 20 round magazines. Its overall length is 37.5 inches and it weighs 8.9 pounds.
Its MV is @ 2,700 feet per sec. Auracy is the same as my 18 inch Scout model.
I don't think that I need one, but it is an interesting rifle,
It seems to have been designed as a CQB rifle,
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The Belgium military used 17.7 inch 8mm Mausers. I bet the short 8mm were LOUD. I'll stick with a 18 incher. No use in trying to make a 11 inch Pos CAR out of one outstanding battle rifle.

I would just do this. Put a regulary flash hider. Use the GI fiberglass stock. Use the simple GI butt plate without the hinge for prone. With 10 shot mags it is not really heavy. And hits way way harder, and farther, than a pos CAR.
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