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Shot Placement

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I shot a handgun match this weekend and during one of the stages I was shown the results of good shot placement. The match organizer had his steel match organized as either a Cowboy Action match or a Speed match, I went Cowboy action. During one stage you had to engage 8 steel reactive targets, fastest time won. Starting with both my Vaqueros loaded and hands in the classic surrender position, I cleaned the stage in 11 seconds and change. What amazed me was that a close friend who years ago was on the Saskatchewan IPSC Gold Team who was shooting a Gov't Model in .45 w/ optical sights using 155 grain bullets took 20 plus seconds. He shot low and some targets took up to 4 hits to go down. Shot placement counts more than the type of firearm that your using.
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They let you shoot cowboy action up there with both hands filled? A lot of matches here, you can't fire the stage with both guns in hand, for "safety" reasons. Must've been people trying to miss fast enough to win shooting their feet or something.
But.... GK told us you can't do anything with pistols up there....
Nope all shooting was done 2 handed, I drew and shot the Vaquero on my right side, reholstered and drew the Vaquero on my left side, shifted the handgun from left to right hand , then took out the last 2 targets. It was all done in 11 seconds and change. It made my day!!!
Good shooting! :beer:

Thank you, I put it down to practice, since the first week of March I've put over 2,500 rds through my Rugers. I had a really good day
now thats some

serious shooting your doing there garand! i don't recall the range to targets from your post , but man, that sounds like some real fast,straight shootin'! good work.

thanks. :cool:
andy said:
u r a liar. I said you have to LEAVE the pistols locked in a vault at the RANGE, unless you are a major suck-ass, like ol' garnad is. Anyhting you can do with a couple of SA revolvers, I could teach a 13 year old girl to do with a 1911, in a day. :)
Nope. You can keep your pistols on your own property. You just can't go carrying them around unless you're heading to a range or some other shooting area, like someone else's private property.

But then again, there are a lot of places in the USA with similar regs.
The range was about 15 meters. Don't be a dipstick, all my firearms are stored in my home, just one more thing your incorrect about gunkid.
He must be confusing himself with you Garand. Just more envy, he wants to be you, but remembered HE CAN'T HAVE GUNS.
Well he has only himself to blame for the situation he has found himself in. It might be time for him to accept responsibility for his actions.
Yes, he does need to accept responsibility for his own actions. And the politicians need to put a stop to this taking away people's rights forever crap too.
Well this was my bragging shots for the year so far, but the next 2 days I'm shooting a cowboy action match so we will see if I have still got it.
Do you shoot duelist or gunfighter style, or do you use both hands for the same pistol?
I tried gunfighter class during one match, I wasn't very successful. I see it more as a waste of ammo. That being said it is fun if its a once in a while activity. In this case all shooting was done with my right hand, 8 shots(hits) out of 2 holstered(NOT crossdraw) handguns in just over 11 seconds.

Splits are really irrelevent, when you hit what you shoot at! :nyah: :nyah:
Magnum88C said:
Yes, he does need to accept responsibility for his own actions. And the politicians need to put a stop to this taking away people's rights forever crap too.
Magnum88C, I am a very strong believer in individual rights. Leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone. But when you have an individual who breaks our laws not once, not twice, but three times, would you want that person to own weapons? Case in point. A registered sex offender stole a firearm from a neighbor's home and abducted a sixteen year old girl. Luckily, a civilian saw this and our locals were on the scene in minutes. (Not alway's the case in our rural environment) The perpetrator had the common decency to blow his brains out. My point is would you grant an individual like this legal access to firearms?
Terry, you probably didn't see it, when this came up before (it was probably on PN), but my view is I don't know many crimes which are severe enough that I wouldn't be willing to allow the person to be armed again, that were ALSO not capital crimes. Yeah, I consider rape and kidnapping capital crimes. Someone who actually acts out what the retard talks about all the time is sociopathic, and would have probably committed several capital crimes by the time he was caught.

At times it can be a tough call, but I think you'll admit some things are felonies that aren't severe enough to warrant losing your right to self defense (which is what it boils down to) and your right to vote.
I do not disagree with you Magnum88C. Martha Stewart is now a convicted felon. One of the armed escort trips I took (and made enough on overtime to pay for a full semester of college for my son) was taking a Princeton College proffessor to a hospital in Rochester, MN . He had embezzeled college funds. What a dangerous man! I think it should be a case by case situation, not a black mark on you for the rest of your life. But who listen's to us Grunt's?
Great shooting Garand. A good man with a sinle action is not tp be trofled with.
I've fired over 4,000 rds of .44 mag this year. I think for a christmas present to myself I'm going to buy the .44 mag conversion kit for my Dillon Square Deal B. Doing this much reloading annually on a Rockchucker is time extensive.
Besides I haven't loaded .45acp on my Square Deal B since January 2003.
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