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If I may back-track to the original post, have you seen this link, Rich: ?

I have reallt been impressed with Chuck Hawk's articles even though I do NOT agree with everything he writes, as have most of us on this forum, of course. I skimmed some of the shotgun things, and most of it seemed pretty well written to me. (I really liked the .410 one since he gives it the fair shake it deserves!)

If I only had one shotgun and my main harvest was one small animals, I'd get the Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge (comes with all three "standard" chokes, but I'd use the I/C most of the time, but the extra full choke for "LONG" shots, and keep the mod choke in it if the shots were variable). 2 3/4 or 3 inch shells would depend on which one THAT individual gun chambered best, and #6 HARD shot would be my first choice for squirrels. (Copper plated if you could find it.)

I like pumps (I trust them more in field conditions), the Mossberg has proven itself as a gun/boat paddle/brush gaurd/push pole in the mud/etc., while hunting, comes with a good warranty & great quality at the best price, and doesn't have that troublesome short pump strokes like many of the "Express" models of other companies do.

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