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shtf, EVERYTHING is boiled-stewed. No

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reason to RISK the additional time spent, being exposed to enemies, and no reason to waste the resources, nor to risk the illness that comes from inadequately cooked food. Recipes my ass. You'll eat what you can, any way that you can.
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Yeah if I had falsies I'd guess I'd have to boil everything to mush also.
umm, ok.

But you don't know what circumstances will be. You cannot make a blanket statement like that. I could be on a boat, 100 miles from shore and could fry, bake, whatever to my food.

I could be in a building and do the same. I could be part of a community of several hundred people, living quite well after shtf.

Only the poor hobo, who was too inept to properly plan, who has no retreat, no friends, no clue, is stuck with only one option.

You don't know, you haven't planned, so you have no choice.


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A hot meal or beverage can mean the difference of life of death in the bush depending on your circumstances or weather conditions. By reducing the variety of food options in the bush, you do nothing but reduce your morale and allow your body to degrade by lack of nutrients. By the way gunkid, please post a kit list of the kit you have ready to go AT THIS MOMENT! You post yours, I'll post mine (with pictures also).
A good tasty meal prepared the way you like it does wonders for a person's mental and emotional health. Not hard to do if you aren't being chased by angry ranchers who want to hang you for poaching their cow.

Yea, sure, you bet JD, when was the last time you spent a few days in the backcountry doing the cooking? When was the last time you harvested an animal and ran it feather or fur to pot?

You get your "boil everything" BS from some 30 year old survival manual, had you any experience at all, you would know how to prepare decent meals. Preparing good meals and keeping a clean and organized "kitchen", whether "one potting" it or camp boxing it is the halmark of the experienced outoorsman.

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