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Silencers, History Channel, Mail Call

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They are right now showing all about silencers on the history channel.
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i seen it, and they had some on it on wild west tehc. with one of those carridine brothers the other night!

Watching as we speak.Funny,nothing about window screen,flat washers,or pvc?
Not in Canada!!
41mag said:
Watching as we speak.Funny,nothing about window sreen,flat washers,or pvc?

And as the host might say-"What kind of mickey-mouse $hit is this!" :dgrin:
that's because THEY had/have $50,000 to spend on punch presses, lathes, mills, etc. Do YOU have $50k to spend on such? My way works just fine, and anyone can do it, with a little $500 bench lathe, and skills you can learn in 1-2 days. Now go shove it, ignoramus.
Saw it last night. (Just got satellite tv installed a couple weeks ago.) Short segment, but interesting.

And I was glad to hear them mention that using a suppressor will make the gun much more dirty, much faster, than without. I didn't know that before I got mine.
if you have to fire more than 5-10 rds, any one engagement, the silencer is going to be pretty irrelevant, other than its ability to prevent muzzle flash at night, and eliminate any real reason to flinch, that is.
Well,whatever.I want one now.
some people DO wake up, eventually, at long last

all serious shottists WANT a silencer, they just don't wish to spend the money, go thru the crap, get on ATF'S radar screen, etc. So they are in DENIAL about their interest in them.
I can't speak for 'everyone', but I put off buying one for years, even though mildly curious about one. Then within a month of receiving my first one (centerfire 5.56), I ordered my second one (.22LR, integral on Mark2 ruger pisol).

So, I'm clearly "sold" on them. Now, is my wife sold on them...? :duck:

Frankly, these days I can understand the desire to stay "off the radar screen" regarding ATF ppwk and making one illegally, but not something I'd do myself or advocate doing.
John, I also noted they said it dirtied up the gun (and a 11 pos CAR is a dirty gun to begin with). They also said it heated up the gun fast also.

If I get one, it will be per ATF rules. See, if you have ever bought guns with the yellow paper (I have), have a CCW permit (I have), have MET ATF agents (I have), then them knowing I have guns is a forgone conclusion. Notice that since stup*kid was busted for making such, THEY already have his number!

If I get one, it will be the top of the line version (unlike gunboobs hack job pos.)

That is correct, suppressors heat up the barrels faster and they get the gun extremely dirty. There are a few designs that aren't so bad but it mostly depends on the caliber and operational system of the gun. The best rifle to put a can on is a bolt action. The worst is a semi or full auto gas operated gun.

DJetAce said:
...They also said it heated up the gun fast also...
Very true; in the owner's manual for my AAC, it warns repeatedly about that. According to the book, with sustained semi-auto firing, it can hit 600 degrees farenheit. Full-auto can make it 800 degrees. Something like 11-13 degree rise per shot, I believe. Doesn't sound like much on the surface, but figure it's an 80-degree day to begin with, just firing one 30-round mag reasonably quickly, the suppressor's going to be very hot.

(30x11)+80 is what, 410 degrees..? That's hot, and from just one mag. :hot:

When done shooting, I've got to let it set a few minutes before I can remove the suppressor and put it back in the case. Even then, it's still very hot, just "bearable" to touch for a second or two at a time to dismount.

(Still like it, though... :) )
fastest draw I EVER made was after sticking silenced .22 Ruger inside pants, after firing 3-4 shots in a second. :)
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