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SILENT bullet in 1-2 of u, rest r giving UP

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the chase, and going back to their families. :) u will wind up pushing on ALONE,count on that. IF YOU DARE, that is.
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Posse still works great. You can't move without leaving a trail. Using maps, we can predict what trail crossings and water holes you will probably use and be waiting for you. Ever wonder what your last thoughts will be just before we haul you up on the rope for your last dance?

Why waste rope. Wood is plentiful and burning at the stake is both entertaining and a scarier deterrent.

There is also impalement, lots of entertainment value and uses less wood. Now, the results of THAT mounted like a scarecrow out where interlopers can gaze upon the grisly remains might make them think twice. At the very least, the birds will have plenty to snack upon for a week or so.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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