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silly to carry less than a 9mm, when the

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Kahr PM9 9mm is smaller and lighter and thinner, more powerful, more controlable than a .38 snub. Many millions have pocket ccw'd such a .38 snub over the decades, ample proof that it's easy to always have such a 6", 15 oz 9mm with you. So why settle for a 21-24 oz, 6.3"-6.7" PPK or Makarov, hmm? Only reason is being too CHEAP to spend the extra $400 over the cost of the Mak. Since that $400 is the same as 4000 rds of cf practice ammo, HOW good is such a lame going to BE with his ccw pistol, hmm? Not very, that's how much.
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So how come you advocate that cobbled up pos Star and the miserable M21 Beretta? Ugh!

The champion of the Star talking about how others are 'cheap'?

You've never carried or shot a Mak so you speak from pure ignorance.

If the Mak were commercially made in the USA to the same quality my EG Mak is, it would easily be a $400 to $500 pistol.
I guess gunkid is silly. He can't carry any gun.
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