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Second Amendment Case Likely to Be Heard by Supreme Court

Funds Needed Immediately to Continue Work Alert - Call for Help

October 1, 2003

The U.S. Supreme Court is very likely to grant a hearing in
the Silveira v. Lockyer Second Amendment lawsuit. The
case challenges a state gun ban. Details on why objective
observers believe they will hear the first true Second
Amendment case since 1939 can be found here:

Silveira Second Amendment Case Needs Immediate
Financial Support, and Here's Why

Some people have asked for a detailed accounting of where
funds raised thus far have gone. We've invested more money
than we've raised in this case. We're down to the bottom of the
barrel. Again. The case is very likely to be heard by the High
Court. More work must be done and is being done, and we
require money right now. Here are the numbers, for your

Detailed Accounting/Status of Fundraising for
Silveira v. Lockyer Second Amendment Lawsuit




Silveira v. Lockyer Home Page

Certiorari Petition Submitted to Supreme Court

Links to Six Amicus Briefs Submitted to the Supreme Court

U.S. Supreme Court "Requests" Response from
State of California in Silveira v. Lockyer Lawsuit
September 25, 2003

Ten Reasons Why the Supreme Court Should Hear
Silveira v. Lockyer and Decide There is an Individual
Right to Keep and Bear Arms Under the Second and
Fourteenth Amendments
May 28, 2003

Silveira v. Lockyer Gets Six Dissents in Our Favor!
May 6, 2003
"Today is the day many of us have been waiting for. The
9th Circuit Court refused the request for an en banc (full
court) rehearing of the Silveira v. Lockyer lawsuit. This was
highly predictable. But the order denying the en banc hearing
is far better than any of us predicted!"

NRA lying about Silveira case AGAIN
August 26, 2003

NRA's Chief Attorney Tried to Kill this Case
by Brian Puckett
January 24, 2003
"I respect both the CRPA and NRA as organizations. I respect
the faith and activism of their members. I do not respect many
of the actions of their leadership. If you want to know why, read

200 Patriots
by David Codrea
May 8, 2003
"We can continue trying the same old stale approaches that have
led us down the path of continuous erosion of our rights -- or we
can strike out and try something bold -- something worthy of the
sacrifices of those who went before us."

Additional News on Silveira v. Lockyer


If this email alert was forwarded to you and you want to be notified
if/when the Supreme Court grants certiorari in this case, sign up for our
free email list in the upper left side of our home page.
Gun Owners' Home Page


If you experience any difficulties, please contact us for assistance.
[email protected]
"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's
realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. "
-Hon. Ron Paul of Texas, 7/10/2003, "Neo-CONNED"
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