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Assuming this is a SHF question

1. Win 94 in 44mag; I shoot and load for this gun the most.

2. Ruger; have had the best, quickest responses from them.

3. Win 94 in 44mag; for above reason, holds 10rds (never load 11rds, will eventuly damage follower spring, assuming full power to +P loads). With my hard cast hot loads will give pentration through 1/4" steel plate out to 50yds. Will take/put down all north Americian animels except Kodiak brown bears.


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1. Colt series 70 Combat Commander 45 acp. It my carry gun during cold weather and I have shot many rounds thru it.
2. Bushmaster, great people to work with and they just try hard to take care of your concerns.
3. M98 sporter 308 cal. with K4 Weaver scope. Got lots of parts and have hunted and shot this rifle for years, never had a problem in over 24 years of use.:D

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psyco_ranger said:
ok 3 Simple questions

1. Name your favourite weapon,and why
2. Name your favourite company,and why
3.If you had to go away and could take 1 weapon with you, which one would it be and why
Probably my Kimber Tactical Ultra.
Looking at my favorite as being a carry gun, the Kimber Tactical Ultra is the best of the best.
Rifle--Probably my M1 Garand

Kel Tec
I've got the 32, 380 and the 9mm/40cal.
A phone call, will most times, get you total satisfaction whether its advice or parts (most times free parts).

Three is hard to answer. Go away to do what?
I guess for one weapon to do everything, it would be my Deawoo 223. It's a better and more accurate rifle than my AR15.
223 ammo is easy to find.
It's not as big as my M1 Garand and more powerful than a M1 Carbine.

stupid question. Like asking "what tool

in your toolbox is "best". Depends upon whether you want to saw wood or drive nails. Do you need concealment, or long range? do you need instant defensive response, or quiet foraging? You can be VERY versatile with a 223 AR and .22lr conversion unit, alloy compact 1911 and .22 conversion unit. Those two can handle pretty much anything, if need be. NOthing else comes even halfway close to the versatility and utility of that rifle and pistol, even BEFORE you start adding the .50 bmg, 458 SOCOMM, .30 AK uppers to the AR, the carbine upper for the 1911, the 308 single shot upper for the 1911, the 9x19 practice slide group for the 1911, etc.

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any fool like u can make stupid claims

but we NOTICE that you can't back it up with ANY reasoning or logic. :) That's what upsets you so much, you KNOW that I'm right, and like any parasite, you FEAR having your host made aware that they don't NEED you (at ALL. )
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