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That's with the shooter starting with his safety off, the trigger "half pulled", and shooter KNOWS what the signal to fire will be, that his ONLY concern is to fire AND that the signal WILL come within the next 3-4 seconds. So he can maintain a very highly "keyed-up" focus.

However, that is not reality. When you are holding a gun on somebody, MANY things could happen, a car might backfire, the guy might faint, or sneeze, or cough, a dog might bark, etc. You can't be shooting him over such crap. so a RECOGNITION interval (usually another .20+second) is ADDED to the raw reaction time mentioned above.

This is why it's possible for a truly fast man (or one starting hand in pocket) to "beat the drop". .40 second is a LOT more time with which to work than .20 second. A fast man can throw 10 truly rib-breaking punches per second, using both hands. So having an "extra" .20 second can easily make all the difference in the world. That .20 second is another shot you can fire, etc. People who lack black belts and shooting timers just don't understand much about what's what, when things get truly ugly, up close.

When someone is holding a gun on you, they do NOT want to shoot you right then and there. If they did, they would have DONE so. They want your money, or they want you to go somewhere else, or they don't want the NOISE, etc. If you are truly skilled and nervy, you can seize that small advantage and turn it into something that makes a real difference. But it takes real speed, skill, and ruthless followthru, a willingness to be GUTTED, as long as you can hurt him WORSE sort of mentality and you have to have decided and practiced all that "thiniking" BEFORE such a thing occurs. Moon used to call it 'grrrrr" "same like dog". :)
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