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andy said:
rabbits with sling shot and rocks, why BOTHER with 1 MOA, bull barreled 1022, hmm? :) It's either one or the other. You either "need" more accuracy than a canned M21 Beretta .22 pocket auto offers (8" OAL, 14 ozs, can and all) or such a M21 has PLENTY of foraging potential. Since it will take rabbits to 30m, Weaver, and 45m, braced firing position, it easily has 10x the effective range of slingshot and rocks. So you are fos about "needing" accurate .22 rifle, or you are fos about the slingshot and rocks. which IS it, hmm? :)
OR, it could be that skill with a sling shot could be a useful tool in your arsenal.

You may be low on ammo, you may lose or damage a firearm.

skill with either the 1022 or slingshot doesn't mean you don't need the other.

Your argument is a non-sequitor.

There may be times when it is prudent to use the slingshot. there may be times when it doesn't matter.

Only a fool would not want an accurate rifle, .22 or otherwise. (how much accuracy is a separate topic).

It only makes sense to have at least some skill with using and making a slingshot.

It's also fun to use a slingshot, as in recreation.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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