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suffice, especially if both are suppressed. Yes, the sks and its ammo mean less range than the CAR, and 5-6 more lbs total, but you CAN IWB, FBI rig an adequately suppressed Buckmark .22, altho sitting down can be uncomfortable with the 11" long gun. That's with a 3" barrel, front 1.5" of it reduced to 3/8" OD, with 4" of can out in front of the barrel, and 2" of it telescoped back around the barrel. .5" of that is lost to the threads. It DOES help the can's efficiency to put screenwire donuts around the barrel.

You might have to put the Star BM 9mm in a fanny pack, at your navel, top-entry to same, and leave the .22 either in or on the backpack,or visible in a shoulder rig, but you CAN make this low cost assembly work just fine,if you are fit, knowledgable, and skilled enough. You will be unable to ccw the sks, tho, and unable to replace its ammo as easily as you can .223. You wont have a .22 rifle to practice with(whichhandles exactly like your fighing rifle) or to take game with . However, the silent pistol can certainly do the latter fairly well. Since you dont have the option of concealing the rifle, a really fast ccw draw with the silent .22 isn't as likely to be an option. IWB STar 9 at the navel, under your shirt, any time that you bury the rifle, for entry someplace where it will cause you trouble when seen. Leave the fanny pack with the rifle.

Such a setup costs many thousands of $ less than the CAR and pocket 9 and canned M21 combo does, and shtf, and surviving same, just aint likely enough to justify the extra money, unless you make your own cans and do your own smithing. You can always just cache a $50 Nagant rifle with some softpoint ammo, maybe with $100 worth of scope and mount, $50 triggerjob, and a canned .22 rifle at the chosen retreat area. If your SKS-Buckmark, STar 9mm wont suffice to get you to the cache-circle, then the CAR wouldn't have either, most likely.

The CAR 15 offers you a somewhat better chance, if you can'tget to your caches, and makes for a bit less effort to lug it around, But at a cost of quite a bit more money, even if you do all the "mods" yourself. The ability to CONCEAL the dissassembled rifle is a very nice thing to have,too.
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