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small critters,most birds, aint WORTH

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a .22 rd(post shtf) Deer,cattle, sheep, horses,hog, dogs, beavers, geese, THEY have enough meat to be worth a .22 rd, but many such critters are not that hard to snare, or to hit with a slingbow, or take withi a bola,either. Depending upon how desperate you are for flesh food, how skilled you are, how skittish the critters are, the terrain, etc, of course.

Another consideration is REMOVAL of animals that are taking YOUR game and birds. Skunks, cats, snakes, bluejays, crows, possums eat eggs, preflight birds. Cats. hawks, owls, weasel family are primary predators. ***** take your mussels,minnows, tadpoles and frogs. So when u get a chance to shoot such critters (quietly) that might well be worth a .22 rd to you, too. Even if you DON'T want their flesh.
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Knowledge of eddible plants and even insects and grubbsand worms comes in handy also. Usually easy meal with minimal effort.
Most people also forget that if you are going to survive you must keep your body healthy, not let yourself run down. Things we take for granted now like going to a Doctor to clear up infections may not be an option.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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