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...that IGMO was raised on a farm or rural.
I can't recall exactly but from some of his earlier posts I was under the impression Melvin was either raised on a farm or at least a rural area like I was.

In basic and AIT I recall witnessing some really inept/beginner stuff.
One guy too lazy or couldn't wait to make to the porta johns at bivouac so he crossed the road to whizz and got lost, panicked and started yelling for help. If he'd kept his pie hole shut and not panicked and listened to all the noise the camp generator and people shuffling around made he'd not been so embarrassed and found his way back okay. "City folk".*

Had a couple people act and look like they were handed a live rattle snake when first issued a M16A2 ended up dropping it and got down with it of course.馃檮
Now the next ain't got a thing at all with growing up in the country except maybe Madison County Arkansas 馃槅 .
I was standing right by this fool who demonstrated the need for practice grebsdes to exist. As he thought you could stop a grenade from going off by putting the spoon back down!
I'm guessing he loaded his pants when it went off in his hand. Luckily he at least held it properly and the cap fragments didn't embed into his hand, leg or anyone else.
Another recruit- "Throw it you fool!"
Him- "Oh it's not gonna go o".....BANG!馃ぃ

Then lastly we had a guy who wigged out during a week or so ftx that starts whacking the side of a tree trunk with an E-tool while screaming "I can't take it anymore! Repeatedly...

I never felt uncomfortable in the woods nor had trouble handling or shooting firearms.

Also IGMO's references to carry handguns in his person during basic and AIT = BULL馃挬 we were several times shook down for contraband
and wall locker searchs while in PT uniforms (shirts and t-shirt) yeah right.

But, I've known city folk with no trouble functioning in the field and learning field craft.

So, WTF does his incompetence come from? Years of prescribed or self medication? Idiot lessons?
Was the farm he was raised on a "Funny Farm"?
Did his father beat him on the head with a 2x4 when growing up?!

Seriously he sounds like he suffers from either mental abuse or his parents were related before marriage.

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Let's just say, he appears to be using fantasy to cover for fear and loathing.

it's obvious his abacus is short a few beads.

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Maybe BigBassMan will chime in on IGMO's childhood, if he knew him that long. I can also understand if he out right refuses to also.

I'm thinking the dudes either got some hard wired troubles or dope induced ones or both.

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When I knew his family they lived in town, his dad did hydraulic jack repair. That was in the late 70s. Mel was slightly strange even back then.

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Then again some people just are anyways.
No life's perfect, everyone has to deal with varying degrees of "stuff".
It's just how we deal with it that makes the difference.
Going around afraid of things all ones life and trying to hide it with bluff, bluster and BS is no way to live
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