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170 gr, is a mere 2000 fps at a mere 50m. 30 Carbine is but 1750 fps, at that range, yet it sufficed for our greatest warrior, thru 2 years of the worst fighting ever seen. How much "energy" is needed, hmm? the 30 carbine only HAS 750 ft lbs left at 50m or so, and its ball bullet WASTED 1/3rd or more of that on overpenetration.

We most certainly CAN get 2000 fps, out of a belt autopistol, at pistol defense ranges. So either you are claiming that the 30-30 sp does NOT harm fragile chest organs with "just' its temporary cavity, or handgun rounds CAN do the same thing.

No, it is NOT illegal to possess or sell handgun ammo that is AP. It is only illegal if the bullet is madeof certain materials (Fed law) and tin is NOT one of the materials listed), or in some states, the Handgun ammo is illegal if it lacks a "lead core". No minimum size or wt for that core is given. So ANY amount of lead,inside the bullet itself, is sufficient to meet the legal standard of such states. In other words, a #2 lead birdshot, epoxied into the hollowbase of the Split Nose bullet will suffice.

Now,maybe you want to argue with the experience of Audie Murphy (and THOUSANDS of other combat vets) about the effectiveness of 30 Carbine ball ammo (to 50m or so)? 241 kills, every medal for valor that France, Belgium, and the US offers (many of them MULTIPLE awards). Maybe you "think" 30C ball ammo DOESN'T exit the torso? :) it is 110 grs at 1900 fps, 900 ft lbs at the MUZZLE, and its rn bullet is pretty blunt, slowing it down pretty fast in the resistance of air. Sure,it's feeble at 200m, and it aint MUCH at 150m. That's not what I'm talking about, tho.

In pistol fights, guys are hit at 20ft or less,usually MUCH less range. The bullets dont slow down more than 20 fps in 20 ft, so muzzle velocity IS impact velocity,for handgun considerations.
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