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andy said:
ballistics. Even the wussy Speer manual says that the 14"barrel can get 55 gs to 3000 fps. While some pussies may "think" that the 11l barrel gets a LOT less velocity, that's not what a certain chronograph says. Just because some are too LAZY and cheap to get a chrono and check it OUT does not make this less true. It is no strain at ALL to get 55 grs to 2700 fps in an 11" barrel, and 2800 fps can be had, too, with no more pressure than the military's NATO loads demonstrate. The 2700 fps load has 900 ft lbs, dummies. It will blow your guts out on the ground,given a solid hit with a good softpoint load.
What Brand of chronograph do you have TARD? I have an Oehler 35P!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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