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Sound Suppressors...

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Sound suppressors, sufficient to muffle a 9mm or 22LR and for use in an emergency bigtime SHTF situation can be made in a matter of minutes. All it takes is some duct tape and a few tin cans or aluminum cans, or a plastic soda bottle. Granted these are crude and aiming with them is ludicrous so you need to be in fairly close, but they work fine for that SPY VERSUS SPY type of work or too bring down a deer that you sneaked up on in the dark of night in a survival situation. I do not condone making them, but it is possible to do it with materials readily at hand. Of course they work best if using a bolt action rifle or pistol as too much noise escapes a semi auto from the breech as the slide moves back, but even they if you use subsonic ammo they are pretty quiet. :) :dgrin: :)
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I have witnessed them being fired, they are a lot less noisy than firing the same weapon using the same ammo. So if you fire subsonic ammo like I suggested out of a non suppressed gun then suppress with one of these the sound is very reduced. As to decibels, Inhave no clue, but the first time I witnessed a guy firing through the soda can silencer he put it together in less than 2 minutes, slapped it on a pistol (I think a Browning 22) and shot 5 shots out of it only 20 or 30 feet away from many people walking by on the street and no one even glanced out way. Yeah it made noise but did not sound like gun shots. I was pretty much awed by this simple but rather effective suppresor. It was literally two soda cans taped together in a certain way and shoved over the barrel and the barrel had some tape around it to help make a seal and keep the barrel from being scratched. It was shown to me as a training aid.

I have also seen/heard the soda bottle silencer being used at a police range as part of a demonstration. It was also pretty darned effective with subsonic ammo.

I strongly recommend against making any suppresors unless you are doing it legally somewhere.
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You have absolutely no idea of what you are speaking about the distance to shoot the deer with this type of a suppresor. You obviously have never heard of them or tried them, and if you were half the survivalist you claim to be you would know they both work in a pinch.

As to why bother HMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM with a pitol when you can use a bow and arrow, are you out of your mind shooting a deer at night with a ow andarrow, or better still using it tactically. You know so little about hunting or tactics that you don't recommend a cross bow over a bow and arrow. HMMMMMMMM are you ever so funny.

Certaibnly a well made suppressor is preferable bu these work in desperate situations, and work well. There is also an effective silencer made from baby bottle nipples, for close in assasination type work, but of course you would not know abo9ut that either would you. This method was once taught to members of the OSS, CIA, and other such groups when assinations were in vogue.

This post was about improvising, and by your replies you again show that you are unable to do so, and my guess would be this is because you do not have the brain power to do so or only know of what you read in books and then repeat it here.

As to the sound coming out of the ejection port, the sound virtually is moving as fast as it does from the muzzle. If the ammo is not subsonic then it will make the cracking sound as it exceeds mach 1. That crack is loud enough to be imistakeable as a gun shot. The most effectively suppressed weapon is one in which the action remains closed after firing and all the sound exits at one end, into the suppresor.
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So Andy have you changed your tune, or has an alter-ego emerged ready to discuss how much noise comes out of the action when the firearm cycles? First you tell me:
"No, ejection port pop is NOT loud. You'd have to have a REALLY good can to NOTICE the ejection port sound at all."
Now you are ready to discuss the sound that comes out of the action with John in AR who clearly stated that the noise is rather loud even with some sub-sonic ammunition.

Now imagine if you will just how loud it can be with super-sonic ammo such as a +P round. There is definitely a cracking noise associated with super-sonic ammunition as the speed of the gases exceeds mach 1. This is sometimes heard coming from the action on suppressed firearms - not always, mind you, but quite often depending upon the ammunition, the tyope of firearm, and the weight of the slide among other things. This is why I mentioned using subsonic ammo in the first place, and why I recommend a closed and locked bolt action as preferable for suppressed firearms and the most effective sound suppression. While the efficacy of subsonic ammunition may vary with regard to how well the sound is suppressed, it should nonetheless always (if manufactured properly to actually be sub-sonic) avoid the cracking noise associated with breaking the sound barrier.

Of course you apparently knew better then but as usual, in my estimation, you have changed your tune just a couple of posts later.

Once again, I am lauighing as I suspect are most others here - you seem to me to flip flop as much or more than John Kerry. Maybe you should buy stock in a House Of Pan Cakes instead of talking guns
Glenn B.
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Every excuse you can make for your having looked bad because you were wrong again, isn't that really all your answer means?????
They work when put together correctly. Too bad you don't know how to make one, it could be a real life saver in an emergency when you find yourself with a can and the S has HTF. Whoops I forgot, that bulge in your pants, that isn't you is it, so I imagine its it your suppressor?
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