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speed rig, 2 on 3, 5 yds, 1.7 secs, average

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time, 1 yd apart, hands at sides, 1911 and ball duplication loads, PACT timer. The reaction, draw and hit ran under .70 second, the other 5 hits in 1 second, back when I practiced a lot. :) of course, that INCLUDED the 2 traverses of the gun across the targets. The splits on one target were running about .16 second. So the traverses were adding about .10 second to the repeat hit time. When you CONCENTRATE on on attaining speed with a gun, it comes rather readily.
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IPSC is NOT reality, live the reality NOT the fantasy !!
Some have experience to rely upon, gunkid does have a firm grip on his fantasy!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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