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Spiral bearing is a type of the bearing use spring steel manufacturing, due to the structure and material of bearing there's a difference with other types of bearings, so also have certain differences in the characteristics, has some special advantages:
1, screw bearing temperature advantage
Spiral Site Of TIMKEN Bearing production material is spring steel, spring steel annealing temperature is 3500 ℃, and the bearing steel annealing temperature is 1800 ℃, so the spiral bearing is lower than ordinary bearing temperature sensitivity. Spiral bearing of the annealing temperature is higher, also seldom happened when in the high temperature deformation or the loss of hardness, therefore more suitable for high temperature environment.
2, screw bearing flexibility advantages
Spiral bearing the elasticity of the plain bearing is better, so that the installation of the bearings is relatively simple, inner ring can be through the use of hook spanner installed in any position, and the internal tension of the inner ring should be fixed on the shaft. At the same time, the spiral bearing use spring steel as materials, can also be easier to achieve h9 or h1l inner ring, inner ring processing cost.
3, spiral bearing stability advantages
Screw bearings under such as dirt, impurities such as iron, iron powder pollution, stronger than the strength of the ordinary bearing, formed by water and falling of the iron powder of weak acid has less impact on the environment. Spiral bearing this feature is due to its for rolling large diameter thin-walled coil parts left a larger space, so these components can accommodate impurities and the pressure within the spiral slot to coil, to ensure the bearing running surface clean.
4, spiral bearing life span of the advantage
Spiral bearing design for the life of the advantage is unmatched by other bearing, when screw bearing outer ring after damage, such as affected by temperature and bending, as long as the adjustment through the diameter of the bearing size, can increase the outer diameter, and achieve the purpose of repeated use outer ring, so screw bearing outer ring can be repeated use up to 5 times.
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