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Springfield, Para Ord's COME with fully-supported

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barrels. At least, the 'fully loaded" models do. $500, used, and u can always sell it for $450, too.)So all you have to do is ask around on the Home Gunsmitingforums, get a $40 spare barrel, have some smith run a .45 ACP reamer .060" deeper into the chamber, and get 100 460 cases, big deal, total of $100 "lost"(max) to find OUT about my 460 Rowland loads.

.45 ACP dies load the 460,just like .38 dies load 357 Mag rds. 90gr, hollowbased swc's are $35 for 20 bullets, shipped, and anybody can buy a container of bullseye. 13.0-13.5 grs gets that bullet to 2100 fps in a 5" barrel, Guaranteed. In some barrels, it will crack 2200 fps, too. that's 900 ft lbs, same as the CLAIMED performance of the .30 Carbine. :) you will have a flat point, swc shoulder and 3x the frontal area of the .30 cal bullet, too. LESS recoil than the 230 gr Plus P .45 ACP load, as well.
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I have 2 friends with Para Ord's, very fine handguns, they don't see a requirement to modify a handgun that works just fine.
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