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Stainless Ruger Old army, pyrodex,

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non corrosive caps, and the right greases, pads, lubes, etc, and blackpowder shooting can be considerably less of a PITA, if it's all that you are "permitted" to own in the way of firearms. Best get the hell out of such a tyrannical area, tho.
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If I understood the way the curent law reads, all pre 1898 weapons, and loose powder non cartridge weapons do not qualify as firearms, and are legal to own. No ID is required, and no background check initiated. Can be delivered to Your front door by UPS as well. Th enice thing about the Ruger is when your done for the day, remove the grips, and throw it in the dishwasher on high cycle, by itself, and that will get very clean.
The Ruger has a transfer bar safety, and the 1858 remingtons used a safety notch inbetween each cyl. was a second shallow notch for resting the hammer on, so not to put it on a live cap. IIRC the max load on the old Draggoons was 40gr. of FFFg, and I shoot that on a regular basis out of my 1858(CVA). What a difference a topstrap makes on the frame strength.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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