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andy said:
of time, why CAN'T you rest the gun on something, and have a more-certain hit, hmm? Only in the rarest sort of terrain will such a shot ever be feasible. So, the offhand shot with the rifle is for a 10" circle at 100m, with a time frame of 2 seconds or less, from a low ready start.

With the pistol, in a hunting scenario, it's 10" at 50 m, low ready start, same time frame, or you could have dropped to prone, sitting, etc, and fired from a steadier position. Fighting, from the leather, it's 10m, 1.5 seconds. Otherwise you should be moving, with all due speed, to either reach cover or overwhelm the guy. Either way, you aint hitting better than a 10" circle at 10m.

So much for standing there, slowfire practicing better accuracy. Neither game nor men are going to require a standing position, and give you 10 seconds in which to fire. If you have even 5 seconds, you can be in prone or sitting,or using your walking stick or a handy tree, etc, as a rifle or pistol brace so why practice slowfire standing? Waste of range time.
The last deer I shot, I was standing in waist high brush. There was absolutely no way to do other than shoot from standing.

Wtf do you get this 10 second figure from?

You make a lot of claims about not needing this and not needing that. You are clueless.

It is far better to have a skill and never need it than it is to be found lacking a skill when you need it.

Stick to stuff you understand. Hunting apparently is not one of those subjects.

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