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standing to bipod, hit 10" disk, 100 yds, is

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3 secs or so, starting with removable GI bipod in hand, not attached, or with a folder type bipod folded. Same thing at 200 yds is 4+ secs. The INSTANT that the enemy detects you, he's going prone, diving-running for cover, etc. If you are going to be doing realistic rifle practice, and taking more than seconds to raise and fire, the most STATIONARY target you can realistically hope for is a head one prone man, which is about a 10" circle. It's a LOT easier to hit an erect, frontal torso, legs, arms than it is a 10" disk. Hitting a dodging torso is considerably harder than hitting a 10" disk, if the range is much beyond 50m, standing to fire, or 100m, if in the bipod. Maybe you THINK you are going to hit dodging torsos, or head on prone men, at 100m while being shot-at, but if you think that, you are fos.
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